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Native Americans and Settlers

Seeking history? Discover the history of the Native Americans. Observe the tools, houses and living conditions of the early settlers. Discover the life of Georgia’s first people. Learn about the European settlers that lived in the Appalachian foothills. See 12,000 years of Native American life depicted through artifacts, dioramas and interactive computer programs. See the Appalachian Settlement which includes pioneer 1840′s log cabins and farm buildings. Also, visit the Native Garden to see a variety of plants native to Georgia. You will be amazed at one of the world’s largest collection of pioneer tools.



Learn about the role that Georgia marble has and still plays in shaping this nation. Did you know that Georgia Marble was used to replace the columns on the U.S. capital? An engineering marvel that required the marble columns be within 1/10 of an inch of the original sandstone columns. A huge saw over 1,260 long was needed to cut the marble. A latte the size of the columns was used to turn and carve these magnificent supports. The Lincoln Memorial and buildings throughout the nation used Georgia Marble. Did you know that every morning you use Georgia Marble as an essential ingredient in toothpaste.  See video below. 





























From jails, schools, homes and commercial buildings; you find unique architecture in the Pickens County area. Come see the Marble courthouse and the jail with a gallows. Take a walking tour of the historic buildings in Jasper and visit many of the other communities in the area to see old train stations, schools, hotels and houses. Visit Pickens Library that houses a Special Collection Room for researching genealogical materials for person or educational reasons. 


As an extra bonus, fantastic mountain views are around every turn. So, come to Pickens County area to see Museums and Historic Buildings in North Georgia. Explore, dine and shop in the North Georgia Mountains.

Tate House
Tate House
 Historical Mansion
Pickens County Library - Special Collections Room

Situated on an enormous vein of marble is the historic Tate House. Built as a personal home by Colonel Sam Tate, land/baron, philanthropist and business tycoon. Passing the north of the mansion is the “Old Federal Road” where the Cherokee Indians lived until ordered off by the “Treaty of New Echota.” In 1834, this led to the forced removal known as “The Trail of Tears.” As a result, the Tate House is now the fifth site on The Chieftain Trail, dedicated by the governor of Georgia, August 1, 1988.


  • Marble Mansion

  • Wedding Venue

  • National Register

  • Recommended by Georgia Magazine

Tate House

61 Marble Mansion Lane

Tate, GA 30177


Funk Heritage Center

Georgia’s Official Frontier and Southeastern Indian Interpretive Center is located on the campus of Reinhardt University. Discover how Georgia’s first people and European settlers lived in the Appalachian foothills. The Hall of the Ancients features 12,000 years of Native American life depicted through artifacts, dioramas and interactive computer programs. Exhibits of contemporary Native American art and a unique collection of historic hand tools from more than 100 crafts are both unusual and interesting. See the Appalachian Settlement on the grounds which include pioneer 1840’s log cabins and farm buildings in a wooded setting. 


  • American Indian ArtifactsAward Winning Media

  • Child Friendly Exhibits

  • Award Winning Tool Collection

  • Georgia History


Funk Heritage Center
7300 Reinhardt Circle

Waleska, GA 30183-2981
Phone: 770-720-5970



The Pickens County Library houses a Special Collection Room for researching genealogical materials for personal or educational reasons, primarily concerning Pickens County and Georgia resources with an emplasis on local and Georgia counties.  In addition, it also has materials relating to the southeastern United States.


Pickens County Library

100 Library Lane
Jasper, GA 30143



Walking Tour of
Downtown Jasper

The Marble Valley Historical Society was formed on December 4, 1980 by a group of citizens with a passion for preserving and sharing the history of Pickens County. Historical buildings in downtown Jasper is an ongoing project. The society has mapped out a walking tour that identifies Jasper's oldest commercial buildings. This brochure provides a description of Ten Historic buildings in Downtown Jasper. Also, the Society's website includes dates of historical events in and around Pickens County happening throughout the year. 

Marble Valley Historical Society

P.O. Box 815, Jasper, GA 30143